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Discover a clean, convenient alternative to toilet paper. A bidet is a bathroom fixture that washes you clean with a stream of pure water. It's a comfortable, hygienic way to clean your bottom while saving paper, saving money, and avoiding contact with sensitive areas. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a bidet wherever you go. The QLav® is a portable bidet that is simple to use, easy to transport, and virtually indestructible.

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The QLav® Personal Hygiene System is a patented portable bidet that makes it easy to keep clean and fresh in almost any environment. Unlike toilet paper or wet wipes, the QLav® cleanses your bottom without exposing it to any irritants. This makes it perfect for people suffering from hemorrhoids or other skin conditions that make wiping difficult. But it's also a great alternative for anyone who cares about good personal hygiene. Once you use the QLav®, you won't want to go back to toilet paper!

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