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At QLav®, Inc., we believe that access to good hygiene is a basic human right. The QLav® is a product that makes it easier for everyone to wash themselves with dignity. It's great for everything from cleaning hemorrhoids to post-surgical care, but bidets are also becoming more and more popular for standard bathroom use. Discover the secret to better hygiene that our many happy customers already know.

The Story of the QLav®

Our founder owns a fire protection company, and he often worked with heavy pipes out in the field. During one job, he had hemorrhoids and found it difficult to keep clean without access to a proper bathroom. He tried using wet wipes, but this only caused further irritation. He knew the only effective solution would be a water rinse, so he developed a prototype, and the QLav® was born. His easy-to-use, ergonomic design included many original elements, and he was awarded a utility patent in 2005. From there, he began mass production.

The manufacturing and production process was expensive, but the product's benefits were clear. Most people are uncomfortable talking about the way they clean themselves after using the toilet, but personal hygiene has serious health effects. Nobody should have to suffer in silence. Extensive market testing has shown a growing base of satisfied users, and customer feedback about the QLav has been extremely positive.

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