QLav, Inc.

The QLav®

A Better Way to Clean Your Bottom

QLav Stay clean in any environment with The QLav®, a portable bidet that's revolutionizing  personal hygiene. This great new product leaves you clean, fresh, and ready to go in any situation. You can use it at home in your own bathroom, but it's designed as a portable hygiene product — making it perfect for camping, disaster relief operations, military applications, any where you travel and more.

Easy to Use

The QLav® is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the unit with warm or cold water before going to the toilet. This process only takes 10 seconds. When you are ready for cleanup, simply position the nozzle between your legs, aim it toward your bottom at a 45-degree angle, and squeeze the vessel to apply the power rinse. With five cleaning jets, the QLav® washes your bottom with the same pressure as a real shower. Everything is rinsed from front to back, away from the nozzle, so there is no cross-contamination. Nothing gets dirty, and the rinse ends up in the toilet where it belongs.

Easy on the Environment & Your Wallet

Save money and trees by switching to the QLav®. Users report a 50-75% reduction in toilet paper use, and this method also eliminates the need for wet wipes or similar wasteful products. That means more money in your pocket and fewer trees that have to be turned into toilet paper. You'll also save water, as you won't have to take a full shower or bath in order to ensure you are clean and fresh. Saves water and energy and yes it has an environmentally frienly carbon footprint.

More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper obviously taking a shower is best-the Qlav® is like a mini shower!

Wiping with dry paper alone is simply not hygienic.  Residues stick to hair and skin. Until you wash yourself with water, your bottom is still contaminated by huge numbers of bacteria. Fecal matter remains on your hair and the sides of your buttocks, which can lead to irritation and illness. Personal hygiene is an even bigger problem while backpacking, boating, or RV’ing, but the QLav® is the perfect solution.

Other Uses

The QLav® was designed only to facilitate and improve external personal hygiene, but it also makes a great general and convenient rinsing tool. The powerful jets of water can be used to quickly rinse sinks, toilet bowls, and counter tops, or your car windshield.  You can also customize the water with your favorite rinse or mild soap for even heavier duty cleaning.